Before & After: The Art of Custom Furniture Design

Custom furniture design has many benefits, the obvious of which is complete control over the design and execution of your personal furniture piece, but beyond that, we strive for more at Rotsen Furntiure.

One of the top qualities we aim to provide our customers with is a unique range of furniture, varying in materials (have you ever seen Radica Redwood? We love it, let us show you why!), finishes and sizes, all in addition to the ready-to-ship pieces that we have already hand-made and ready to go (all unique in their own right of course). When you are thinking of re-decorating or re-designing, uniqueness is probably one of the top requirements we hear requested from our clients and from the interior designers who partner with Rotsen. With ready furniture from large chain stores (like a West Elm or Pottery Barn), they produce more than one piece of the same design which although the pieces can be alluring, they leave little to the (unique) imagination.

Along with thoughtful design, quality is also a top priority at Rotsen Furntiure.  Furniture is only able to stay intact for years to come if the quality of the materials is taken into account from the start. We only use real, authentic wood (that we source ourselves from places like California and Brazil) and never skimp by using imitation product or anything of a lesser quality like plywood or laminate.

To get a better idea of our process and for a closer look inside the Rotsen Studio to see how three of our custom furntiure pieces are created, see the before-and-after photos demonstrating our crafting process below…

  1. The Bolacha Star Coffee Table

The before…


and the after …


  1. Mango Root Coffee Table

The Before …



The After …


  1. Itauba Solid Wood Bench

The Before …


The After …


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Miami Interior Design Firm Features Rotsen Furniture


Miami Interior Design firm, Dkor Interiors, recently published (some very gorgeous) photos from their latest residential design project in Aventura, Florida. Rotsen Furntiure is honored to have been a part of this gorgeous project.

Take a look below at how the Miami-based firm used the table in the Living Room space of this large, contemporary home. The design is breathtaking – the details are evident in every corner and the furntiure selected was well curated after all of the home’s meticulous construction, materials and finishes were finalized.

In the Living Room, we worked to custom fit our maple wood on glass box coffee table to Dkor’s sizing specifications. You can read more about the design process with this talented team, from a previous post on their blog, Dkor Living. We love how the organic shape of the table top adds a natural element to the space that is otherwise clean with straight lines, modern finishes, such as stainless steels and a neutral color palette. Take a look at the photos below and be sure to leave your comments – we would love to know what you think!

rotsen-furniture-contemporary-twilight-dkorinteriors-5 rotsen-maple-glass-box-06 rotsen-maple-glass-box-01rotsen-furniture-contemporary-twilight-dkorinteriors-3





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Behind the Making of a Custom Dining Table

The Otis Dining Table is a product in which we receive a lot of questions and feedback. The intricate design sparks interest in clients and interior designers alike. Because the process is a detailed one, today we would like to take you behind the scenes at the Rotsen Furniture studio to show you just how we create this amazing piece of furntiure/artwork.

Step 1: Create the Wood Base

This particular beam is made from reclaimed wood, that like all of our wood, is sourced locally in the United States (from places like California) or Brazil. The size of the wood is completely customizable depending on the purpose of your particular table; it can be adjusted for a console, coffee table or like in this case, a dining table.




Step 2: Select Finishes

The Otis Dining Table is complimented by a weathered metal finished corten steel base on each side. The metal base finish, color and material is also customizable.



Step 3: Assembly

Once all of the table’s individual pieces are ready to assemble, we place the wood beam between the metal base legs, which is attached with screws and the glass top sits directly in the metal. What prevents the glass top from sliding on the base are silicone bumpers that are glued to the wood. The silicone bumpers and the weight of the glass are normally enough.

There are occasions when clients, concerned about children safety, ask for alternatives. Depending on how we deliver the piece, we often put the glass on once the table is in it’s final spot in it’s new home in order to prevent any damage to the glass during it’s travel.

and then the end result looks like this!




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Miami Design Week Recap with Rotsen Furniture

Early December is always an exciting time for the design industry in Miami! The first weekend in December brings flocks of international and local design experts from all over the country (and the world) to experience the renowned art fair, Art Basel. Each year however Miami continues to expand upon the amount of Art fairs and is now known for multiple (some smaller, some just as large as Basel) fairs such as Design Miami, Red Dot Miami, Scope Miami Beach and more.

Today on the Blog, we’d like to share some photos from our experience exploring the latest trends at this year’s Design Miami show. We were so impressed with the talent and creativity featured by up-and-coming artists as well as established ones! Visiting these fairs are not only personally enriching but inspiring to Rotsen Furniture as a company to keep up with the latest happening in the design world. You will notice we captured some of our favorite artists who feature raw wood in their pieces, as a company that creates custom furniture from the same natural and organic materials, these were the highlights that really stuck with us. Enjoy!

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Art Week

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design

Rotsen Furniture - Miami Design

Miami Design-Rotsen Furniture

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design

Miami Design

Miami Design

Miami Design


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Rotsen Gears up for Miami Art Basel 2016

The first weekend of December is always a favorite here at Rotsen! Talented emerging, mid-career and established artists from all over the world get the opportunity to display their work in the internationally renowned art festival that every year, takes over more and more of the beautiful city of Miami! Not only is Art Basel an amazing experience to celebrate and explore local and worldly artwork but it is a great economic improvement for Miami.

To gear up for the very busy we will be having out and about, exploring all of the great art shows, fairs, galleries, music and entertainment events happening, we’ve wrapped up our latest custom furntiure commission, the production of the wood on glass box coffee table. Keep reading for more details …

After customizing the table to our client’s specific requests and taking a month or two to design, create and produce the piece, it gets wrapped up and is ready for delivery!

rotsenfurniture-miamidesign-5 rotsenfurniture-miamidesign-4

After delivery, we get to see our special custom furniture in their new homes! We love how this table brings an organic touch to this contemporary and clean living room:





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Miami Design at your fingertips: Ready-to-ship from Rotsen Furniture

We are at it again! Every day is a fresh start for Miami design and we love to seize the opportunity to create, design and produce unique and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are going to make a statement within the interior design of your home.

Take a look at today’s Friday Feature – a NEW buffet console that we have been working on lately here in the Rotsen Furniture studio. Check back soon to see how it turns out:



Some of our other favorite console pieces from the ready-to-ship department include the Claro Walnut Slab Table and the Wood, Metal and Acrylic Table. Each piece is unique and can be customized per client’s specifications. We design furniture pieces making sure to integrate the wood’s organic characteristics with a clean, graceful and modernist aesthetic. Our team of world class artisans and craftsmen works with rare solid woods, impressive single slab live edge lumber, and large book matched slabs, making unique and sophisticated furniture. Visit us online to see more!




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Miami Design – Incorporating Wood into your Modern Home

A common misconception about modern Miami interiors is that most, if not all, of the furntiure needs to be white, lacquer, shiny and chrome. As a Miami based carpentry firm, we work with a lot of very talented interior designers and decorators who are really digging deep and creating innovative concepts that challenge the normal elements of design. For example, wood is a great way to add an organic and natural touch to an otherwise cold or sterile interior. This philosophy is one of the reasons why we absolutely love designing mostly wood pieces here locally in modern Miami.

Take a look at one of our favorite pieces in the making and judge for yourself – can you envision this gorgeous table, crafted with so much care and detail, in your home? It will be ready-to-ship this week so for more information, make sure to visit us online.

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design


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Friday Feature: New Ready-To-Ship Items from Brazil

Miami design delight! If you have been following along with the Rotsen Furniture blog and keeping up with us on Instagram and Facebook, then you know we recently received a HUGE container full of fresh goodies from Brazil! When we say goodies (because to us, they are like candy!) we mean a shipment of custom-made furniture pieces that are created from wood that we personally sourced during our last trip to Brazil.

At Rotsen Furniture, the design process is a very personal one. Each piece of furniture is created with thought and detail, including the type of wood that is used, why it is used, how it is used and was it sourced responsibly to the environment, locally and economically.

This attention to detail is what produces our ultimately unique pieces of furniture that not only add to the overall interior design of your home but also bring life, warmth and purpose to it. Take a look at some of the great items that are ready-t0-ship, meaning they can be yours in just a couple of weeks shipping time!


The Solid Brauna Wood Bench 

The perfectly narrow seating option for thin or small entry foyers and hallways and also the perfect touch of warmth to add to the end of your bed, in replace of dining room chairs or in the living room. The contemporary Solid Brauna Wood Bench is made from a single slab of Brauna Wood.

Dimensions: 86.5″ x 8.5″-12.5″ x 17.5″

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design Homes-Furniture

Ferpas Round Dining Table with Aluminum Base
We added a touch of glam and style to this beautiful and unique Ferpas Dining Table through the single leg table base made of aluminum. The top is glass with an under mounted design of slated wood for an organic design effect.Dimensions: 54″ Diameter x 30″ H 

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design Furniture

Salvaged Piqui Amarelo Wood Coffee Table 

Yep, you’re looking at a coffee table! This creative and fun design was created to challenge the traditional coffee table shapes, design and intention. The organic Piqui Amarelo Coffee Table is made with part of a naturally fallen Piqui Amarelo tree. The salvaged part of the trunk has a unique natural texture that has been used as the focal point for this table. It can be used with or without a glass top, and with or without casters.

Dimensions: 52″ L x 30″ D x 10″ H
Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design

Organic Vinhatico Slab Coffee Table

Another fabulous take on the traditional coffee table – the gorgeous Vinhatico Cocktail Table is made with a single slab of Brazilian Vinhatico wood, with organic edges and designed at a low height to compliment any modern or contemporary interior.

Dimensions: 87’’L x 25’’D x 10’’1/2

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design Furniture

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Miami Design Gains New Arrivals from Brazil

Today is the day! If you have been following along with our Miami design blog then you might remember our recent trip to Brazil. You can read about it here: “A Story of Creation from Brazil” This is a time that we take once at year to explore the fallen and rejected wood of the local Brazilian forests in effort to salvage them as the base for creating new custom furniture pieces at our warehouse and design studio located in Miami, Florida.

Today, we would like to share a sneak peek into some of the AMAZING new pieces that have just arrived here at the Port of Miami and are coming soon to our line of custom-made and ready-made unique, one-of-a-kind collections. We can’t wait to get our hands on these beautiful chunks of wood and we hope you can’t wait to see the results. Be sure to check back soon for updates into this latest Miami design project!






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Miami Luxe Magazine Features Rotsen Furniture

Drumroll please…

Miami Luxe Magazine has written and published an editorial spread on Rotsen Furntiure in their October issue of the Miami edition – a truly humbling experience, we are so honored to be researched and acknowledged by such a highly coveted publication. And it all starts with a story given by Pilar Meza, lead at Rotsen Furntiure. Take a peek into the article which describes Rotsen’s mission statement, it’s dedication to environmental sustainability, our process and the transition into our line of ready-made and custom furniture pieces.


Here’s a little story to describe how it all starts:

As you walk through the rain forests of Brazil, camera and tape measure in hand, you listen to the wind whistling through the tree tops and the muffled movement of the leaves on the ground beneath your feet. You’re on the hunt for dead and fallen trees, the raw material for your work as a furniture maker, and you are waiting for the right piece of wood to call out to you. When it does, you photograph it, measure and tag it for removal from the forest floor.

It can take up to a year for that piece (sometimes as large as 50 inches in diameter and 20 feet long) to arrive at our studio in Miami.

“The tree has died but we give it life again as a piece of art or furniture.” That brings to mind the sentiments of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree—a humble tree stump happy to be called back into service.

“Each tree—some of them 500 years old or more—tells a story.” Our job is to decide how to translate that story.

The organic pieces you and your team of craftsmen create at Rotsen Furniture—planters, tables, benches, wall sculptures and stools—are increasingly sought after by both residential and commercial customers, including the Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental hotels.

Check out the full editorial spread below:

Miami design Magazine - Rotsen Furniture

Miami design Magazine - Rotsen Furniture