Miami Design Week Recap with Rotsen Furniture

Early December is always an exciting time for the design industry in Miami! The first weekend in December brings flocks of international and local design experts from all over the country (and the world) to experience the renowned art fair, Art Basel. Each year however Miami continues to expand upon the amount of Art fairs and is now known for multiple (some smaller, some just as large as Basel) fairs such as Design Miami, Red Dot Miami, Scope Miami Beach and more.

Today on the Blog, we’d like to share some photos from our experience exploring the latest trends at this year’s Design Miami show. We were so impressed with the talent and creativity featured by up-and-coming artists as well as established ones! Visiting these fairs are not only personally enriching but inspiring to Rotsen Furniture as a company to keep up with the latest happening in the design world. You will notice we captured some of our favorite artists who feature raw wood in their pieces, as a company that creates custom furniture from the same natural and organic materials, these were the highlights that really stuck with us. Enjoy!

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Art Week

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design

Rotsen Furniture - Miami Design

Miami Design-Rotsen Furniture

Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design

Miami Design

Miami Design

Miami Design


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