Before & After: The Art of Custom Furniture Design

Custom furniture design has many benefits, the obvious of which is complete control over the design and execution of your personal furniture piece, but beyond that, we strive for more at Rotsen Furntiure.

One of the top qualities we aim to provide our customers with is a unique range of furniture, varying in materials (have you ever seen Radica Redwood? We love it, let us show you why!), finishes and sizes, all in addition to the ready-to-ship pieces that we have already hand-made and ready to go (all unique in their own right of course). When you are thinking of re-decorating or re-designing, uniqueness is probably one of the top requirements we hear requested from our clients and from the interior designers who partner with Rotsen. With ready furniture from large chain stores (like a West Elm or Pottery Barn), they produce more than one piece of the same design which although the pieces can be alluring, they leave little to the (unique) imagination.

Along with thoughtful design, quality is also a top priority at Rotsen Furntiure.  Furniture is only able to stay intact for years to come if the quality of the materials is taken into account from the start. We only use real, authentic wood (that we source ourselves from places like California and Brazil) and never skimp by using imitation product or anything of a lesser quality like plywood or laminate.

To get a better idea of our process and for a closer look inside the Rotsen Studio to see how three of our custom furntiure pieces are created, see the before-and-after photos demonstrating our crafting process below…

  1. The Bolacha Star Coffee Table

The before…


and the after …


  1. Mango Root Coffee Table

The Before …



The After …


  1. Itauba Solid Wood Bench

The Before …


The After …


For more insight into the Rotsen studio and our creative process, be sure to also follow us on Instagram


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